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The Motion Picture Licensing Corporation (MPLC) An independent copyright licensing service exclusively authorized by major Hollywood motion picture studios and independent producers to grant licenses to non-profit groups, businesses and government organizations for the public performances of home videocassettes and videodiscs.
5455 Centinela Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90066-6970
(800) 462-8855
(310) 822-8855
fax: (310) 822-4440
Motion Picture Licensing Corporation's Umbrella License allows unlimited use of all MPLC authorized motion picture titles within licensed facilities. The license period is generally one year and there is a low, annual fee. The license does not cover showings where an admission is charged or where specific titles have been advertised or publicized.
Call (800) 462-8855 for a license fee quote.
Movie Licensing USA Provides movie public performance site licensing to schools for the use of entertainment videos. The license allows a school an unlimited number of exhibitions of copyrighted entertainment movies for a flat annual fee. The annual license fee is determined by the enrollment of each school obtaining the license
Swank Motion Pictures, Inc. Swank Motion Pictures, Inc. is a major movie distributor and a public performance licensing agent in non-theatrical markets where feature entertainment movies are shown.
(800) 876-5577