Copyright Clearinghouse Roster

International Licensing Organizations
Entity Specialty Contact Info Cost
Very Extensive Rights Data Information (VERDI) VERDI is an internet-based, European-wide multimedia rights information and licensing network of national collectively managed clearance services and is based on multimedia rights clearance systems (MMRCS) currently existing in Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain.
CLARA Established by Norwegian rights management organizations: BONO, FONO, GRAMO, Kopinor, LINO, Norwaco and TONO, which manage rights to Norwegian works and, to a large extent, to foreign works for use in Norway.
Authors Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS) The UK rights management society for all writers. Its principal business is to collect and distribute fees to writers whose works have been copied, broadcast or recorded. It also collects monies for lending and rental. The CLA offers photocopying licenses to educational establishments within the UK, and government departments (both local and national).
The license fee, and its subsequent distribution to rights holders, is based on data gathered from statistical surveys and transactional usage.
Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) The Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) Ltd is the UK's Reproduction Rights Organization and is responsible for looking after the interests of rights owners over the copying of books, journals, magazines and periodicals. CLA licenses business, education and government to copy extracts from books, journals, magazines and periodicals. CLA's licenses also include artistic works through its agency agreement with the DACS.
Design and Artists Copyright Society (DACS) DACS is the copyright and collecting society for visual artists in the UK. DACS licenses the reproduction of its members' works, charging fees calculated according to a published tariff.